I love teaching the second grade curriculum.  My favorite units are studying the people, animals and habitat of Kenya. I think studying the culture of another country in comparison with our own is such a valuable exercise for young students.   I also love teaching about endangered animals.   Who doesn’t enjoy learning all about some wild, intriguing animal, especially if one can learn how we might help them become less endangered.

I also enjoy having the second graders really learn from their reading now, rather than having to concentrate on learning to read.  We read fiction, folk tales, poetry, non-fiction and even historical fiction.  The students love to do a bit of writing in most of these genres as well.  They are so curious and excited to learn at this age.  It is such a privilege to be able to be present in all their learning, guiding them to question and stretch.


               In First grade students learn to read.  In Second grade they read to learn.